The NRHA Border Health Initiative

National Rural Health Association (NRHA)

The Chairman of American Defense International, Inc., Van Hipp is a military veteran who draws upon his experience to write articles for online publications that include Newsmax and Fox News. Van Hipp is also a member of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), a nonprofit organization that serves 21,000 members on issues related to rural health.

In 2008, the NRHA implemented its Border Health Initiative (BHI) in recognition of the fact that the majority of counties along the border between the United States and Mexico have rural populations. As such, the NRHA aims to meet the healthcare needs of these rural communities.

Since its inaugural meeting in June 2008, the BHI has met every year, bringing together border health representatives and relevant state officials. The BHI has ensured greater border community representation on the NRHA Health Equity Council and supervised the implementation of numerous health tracks to benefit border communities. Further, the BHI advocates on behalf of the Border Health Security Act, which establishes grant programs to aid those in border communities.


Author: Van Hipp

Van Hipp - Chairman @ American Defense International, Inc.