How the United States Can Combat Cyberterrorism

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A United States Army veteran, Van Hipp is the chairman of American Defense International, Inc., and an author who contributes to various news outlets such as Fox News. In a May 2017 article, Van Hipp highlighted the increasing threat of cyberterrorism, paying particular attention to a global ransomware attack that affected more than 200,000 computers. Mr. Hipp offered several recommendations on ways the US can confront the issue:

1. Add more cyberterrorism experts. At present, the US has only 1,000 professionals capable of tackling cyberterrorism threats. A strong global recruitment drive should raise this number to between 20,000 and 30,000 in accordance with the recommendations of James Gosler, a leading security expert.

2. Wage a preventative campaign using cyber-attacks on identified enemies in an effort to protect the US economy.

3. Provide nationwide scholarship programs focused on security to the nation’s leading data security and computer science majors.

4. Create relationships between US Cyber Command and private sector technology experts, allowing for coordination during cyber-attacks.

5. Understand how to distinguish cyber-attacks from Islamic regimes, which generally focus on sabotaging systems, from those from China, which typically affect economic systems and are aimed at espionage.


Author: Van Hipp

Van Hipp - Chairman @ American Defense International, Inc.