Salvation Army Commissions Day of Prayer for Famine Relief

Salvation Army pic
Salvation Army

A well-known political analyst and military expert, Van Hipp serves as the Chairman of American Defense International (ADI) based in Washington, DC, where he is responsible for the firm’s consulting operations in the government and business sectors. When he isn’t working, Van Hipp supports a number of charitable organizations, including the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army recently declared a Global Day of Prayer, calling upon churches and other faith-based relief organizations to turn their thoughts toward Africa and southern Arabia, facing severe drought conditions. According to the most recent data, upwards of 20 million people could be at risk of dying from lack of food in Somalia, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen alone.

The humanitarian repercussions stemming from the drought-related famine have the potential to be among the worst in memory. That’s why the Salvation Army is recommitting its efforts to help bring food to those in drought-affected areas as well as to raise awareness of the situation through events like the Day of Prayer, in the hope that other groups will be moved to act as well.


Author: Van Hipp

Van Hipp - Chairman @ American Defense International, Inc.