The Community Health Worker Training Initiative at NRHA

National Rural Health Association (NRHA)

A former senior official at the Pentagon, Van Hipp leads American Defense International, Inc., as Chairman and frequently contributes to publications such as Fox News. Outside of his professional pursuits, Van Hipp is involved with several charitable organizations, including the National Rural Health Association (NRHA).

Recognizing the numerous challenges that rural health care providers face when working to provide quality care to their patients, NRHA has implemented critical medical programming to assist the most underserved rural communities. One such initiative, the Community Health Worker Training Network (CHWTN), is helping address the issues surrounding worker shortages in rural areas.

NRHA initially established this program in 2011 to provide medical training to more than 60 health employees working near the border of the United States and Mexico. Since then, it has expanded into a much larger initiative with additional focus in both border communities as well as areas in Appalachia. Additional funding from the Verizon Foundation enabled CHWTN to grow even further, with medical partners now in all areas of the United States.

Through the program, NRHA has delivered crucial medical training to community health workers who previously lacked skills in such areas as medical leadership and organization of care. This initiative has also enabled the organization to train some personnel in technologies that can improve their care of patients with type 2 diabetes.


American Conservative Union – ACU Foundation

American Conservative UnionAmerican Conservative Union pic
American Conservative Union

As the current Chairman of American Defense International, Inc. in Washington DC, Van Hipp has overseen many military programs and received numerous awards. Van Hipp has also served as a board member of several different organizations, including being on the board of directors for the American Conservative Union (ACU).

Founded in 1964, the American Conservative Union serves as an umbrella organization for conservative in the United States. The ACU represents conservatives in public as well as in the media, State Legislatures, and in Congress. The ACU is the host for the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) held in Washington, DC, the largest gathering of conservatives in the country.

The American Conservative Union also includes the ACU Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created to educate voters on conservative opinions and issues. The foundation hosts seminars and lectures, given by prominent conservative leaders on the issues of the day and solutions to the problems.

The NRHA Border Health Initiative

National Rural Health Association (NRHA)

The Chairman of American Defense International, Inc., Van Hipp is a military veteran who draws upon his experience to write articles for online publications that include Newsmax and Fox News. Van Hipp is also a member of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), a nonprofit organization that serves 21,000 members on issues related to rural health.

In 2008, the NRHA implemented its Border Health Initiative (BHI) in recognition of the fact that the majority of counties along the border between the United States and Mexico have rural populations. As such, the NRHA aims to meet the healthcare needs of these rural communities.

Since its inaugural meeting in June 2008, the BHI has met every year, bringing together border health representatives and relevant state officials. The BHI has ensured greater border community representation on the NRHA Health Equity Council and supervised the implementation of numerous health tracks to benefit border communities. Further, the BHI advocates on behalf of the Border Health Security Act, which establishes grant programs to aid those in border communities.

How the United States Can Combat Cyberterrorism

American Defense International pic
American Defense International

A United States Army veteran, Van Hipp is the chairman of American Defense International, Inc., and an author who contributes to various news outlets such as Fox News. In a May 2017 article, Van Hipp highlighted the increasing threat of cyberterrorism, paying particular attention to a global ransomware attack that affected more than 200,000 computers. Mr. Hipp offered several recommendations on ways the US can confront the issue:

1. Add more cyberterrorism experts. At present, the US has only 1,000 professionals capable of tackling cyberterrorism threats. A strong global recruitment drive should raise this number to between 20,000 and 30,000 in accordance with the recommendations of James Gosler, a leading security expert.

2. Wage a preventative campaign using cyber-attacks on identified enemies in an effort to protect the US economy.

3. Provide nationwide scholarship programs focused on security to the nation’s leading data security and computer science majors.

4. Create relationships between US Cyber Command and private sector technology experts, allowing for coordination during cyber-attacks.

5. Understand how to distinguish cyber-attacks from Islamic regimes, which generally focus on sabotaging systems, from those from China, which typically affect economic systems and are aimed at espionage.